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    ModeCation ExchangeStationary PhasePRP-X400FormatHPLC ColumnHardware Inner Diameter4.6 mmHardware Length250 mmParticle Size7 µmUSP ClassificationPacking Material TypePSDVB/Sulfonic AcidPore SizeN/AGuard Column SizeHardware MaterialPEEKMax Pressure bar g5,000 psiExchange Capacity2.5 meq/gmExchange CapacityColumnMobile Phase LimitspH 1-13. 0-100% aqueous, organic modifierBuffer Strength0.0-0.5NTemp Limits5-60°CRestorationInject several times with 100 µL of 0.1 M potassium EDTACompound ClassificationGlyphosateFrit MaterialUOM1 EACH